Electronic Design

Small, Low-Power Comparators Boast 5-ns Propagation

The MAX9010/MAX9012 high-speed, low-power comparators offer 5-ns propagation delay in a microMAX package. The MAX9010 is a single comparator, and the MAX9012 is a dual version. A low supply current of 900 µA per comparator is required. Both devices operate from a 4.5- to 5.5-V single supply. The comparators have precision below-ground-sensing differential inputs and TTL-compatible outputs. Although the common-mode range is restricted to −0.2 V to VCC −1.9 V, either input can reach 0.3 V above VCC without damage. The single MAX9010 is offered in the ultrasmall six-pin SC70 package. The dual MAX9012 is available in either eight-pin microMAX or eight-pin SO packages. Pricing for the MAX9010 starts at $0.95 each in quantities of 2500 or more, and for the MAX9012 at $1.55 each in quantities of 1000 and above.

Maxim Integrated Products
www.maxim-ic.com; (888) MAXIM-IC

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