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SO-DIMMs Run Cool At 400 MHz, Yet Deliver Densest Storage

Available in a DDR400 speed grade, a 1-Gbyte small-outline, dual-Inline memory module (SO-DIMM) wins the race as the first 1-Gbyte SO module in volume production. The DDR400 speed grade offers notebook users a 50% improvement in peak bandwidth over DDR266. The company expects this speed grade to be the memory of choice for users who require high-performance notebook computers and systems that have 400-MHz front-side buses. In addition to its high capacity, the module also mitigates heat buildup associated with high-speed memory devices like the DDR400 used in the tight confines of a notebook. The module addresses this problem by using 0.10-µm process technology for the DRAMs and a copper lead frame in the memory package for excellent heat conductivity. SO-DIMMs with capacities of 256 and 512 Mbytes are also available.

Samsung Semiconductor Corp.; (800) 726-7864

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