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Software Allows Use Of Multiple OSs

Using multiple operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, OS/2, DOS, UNIX and Sun Solaris, on the same machine reportedly has been impossible or too risky. This new SOS software eliminates these difficulties and risks by allowing different operating systems and file-systems to co-exist and run on the same computer, each in a secure environment and without the risk of losing your data, programs or entire operating system environments. SOS technology is virtually transparent. Upon booting the computer, the user can either select a desired operating system from a virtual filing cabinet or configure SOS to boot into a default operating system without user intervention. Switching to another operating system can be achieved without having to manually shutdown and reboot. SOS resides in non-volatile memory or on the hard drive, requiring no maintenance. Computer manufacturers can now control their system architecture and not be dependent on a single source supplier, thereby giving the users their freedom of choice. The SOS software costs $89.95.


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