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Software-Building Solution Links Development Efforts To Product Results

Today’s rapid and often complex development methodologies, such as agile and continuous integration, require better centralized collaborative management of build elements that can change greatly from release to release. To help developers with that task, OpenMake Software has created OpenMake Meister, a seventh-generation build-to-release management solution and community-developed build-to-release knowledge base. Meister uses its Build Services and Build Forensics features to link development efforts to production results while reducing script redundancies and build errors.

Build Services provides a layer of virtualization from ad-hoc scripting, enabling build best practices and build project management. In addition, Meister extends the OpenMake Mojo build-process automation solution by going beyond simple workflow management and process automation to support software construction in more than 200 languages and environments. Since many software objects exist outside of traditional source-code management (SCM) systems, Meister documents its activities without relying upon SCM reporting tools. As it proceeds, Meister assembles Build Forensics that illuminate what’s happening within the build, making the complex software-building process auditable. Like DNA and fingerprint evidence, Build Forensics helps an investigator determine the exact source code used to construct program binaries under the control of Meister's generated build scripts.

Meister is available now and costs $875 per named seat and $3000 per concurrent seat. Education and integration services are available through OpenMake Software professional Services. Go to www.openmakesoftware.com.

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