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Software Directory: Lineo RTXC 3.2

Quadros offers two versions of RTXC. Although RTXC 3.2 predates RTXC Quadros, it supports a wider range of processors, including those at the low end of the spectrum, such as the 8-bit Hitachi H8S and the Motorola HC12. RTXC Quadros provides a more advanced, modular architecture that integrates multiprocessor features and different stack configurations. Both have similar application programming interfaces (APIs) and work with RTXCNet, the networking module for RTXC. Designers should select RTXC Quadros if it handles the target platform, as its modular configuration makes enhancements and upgrades easier.

RTXC is written in C with a little assembler on the side. Its low execution overhead is designed for fast context switches with minimum latency.

Version 3.2 packs a lot into a small footprint. It also incorporates services like memory partitioning to compartmentalize and conserve memory use.

Quadros didn't reduce its toolset when it minimized RTXC's memory footprint. Rather, the SYSgen configuration utility has full kernel customization.

RTXCNet handles Ethernet, SLIP, and PP interfaces. It comes with a wide range of IP-based applications, including a Web server, DHCP server, and even network address translation (NAT) support for building a router. Services are optimized to conserve RAM and ROM.

Debugging is provided through RTXCbug. Though it runs as a task, it's typically idle, consuming no processor overhead. This feature can show the state of kernel objects and relationships to other objects.

RTXC 3.2
Company Quadros
Web site
Architecture 8-, 16-, and 32-bit
Processor families Over 20 total, including the Philips 8051XA, Hitachi H8S, PowerPC, ARM
Scheduling Priority, time slicing, round robin
Messaging Yes
Services Memory management, timers, queues, semaphores
Device drivers Yes
File system Yes
Minimum footprint 0.5 kbyte
Graphics None
Network RTXCNet
Debugging RTXCbug, serial, JTAG
Tracing one
Royalties one
Source code Provided
Languages Assembler, C

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