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Software Enhances SE Android For Commercial Use

Three accelerators enhance Android-based device security with advancements in SE Android, partitioning and secure boot processes.

Three new Wind River Solution Accelerators for Android Security allow developers to work on security requirements for Android-based devices. The modules enhance Android-based device security with advancements around security enhanced (SE) Android, partitioning and secure boot processes. The accelerators for SE Android include a set of enhancements added to the open source SE Android project that address vulnerabilities, in order to make SE Android suitable for commercial use. This module also enables specialized policies as demanded by enterprises and IT departments, such as restricted privileges and customized application download policies.The accelerators for lightweight partitioning offer security isolation providing multiple encrypted partitions where data can be kept secure. Isolated operation modes allow different user and work purposes on a single device as multiple personas, and expands device usage models with specialized access to varying security domains such as top secret or classified data. The accelerators for secure boot offer security components for verifying and validating each stage of the boot process before being executed, including advanced authentication to prevent malicious software from running. Wind River Accelerators for Android Security are available now.


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