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Software Package Enables Comprehensive Jitter Analysis

A new jitter analysis software package for open Windows oscilloscopes produces what is touted as the most accurate real-time jitter measurements available today. With the tighter timing margins and faster clock rates of today's high-speed designs, jitter commonly causes system error. To address this challenge, jitter component identification and measurement function as necessary debug tools and are even required in serial data communication standards, such as Fibre Channel, SONET, SDH and Gigabit Ethernet. The TDSJIT3 now boasts of comprehensive jitter analysis algorithms that simplify the discovery of jitter and its related sources. The TDSJIT3 package, which combines a fast real-time scope with application-focused software, characterizes random and deterministic jitter (Rj/Dj) and predicts bit error ratio (BER). Using these features, engineers should be able to predict system BER in seconds versus minutes or hours required by other tools. The TDSJIT3 jitter analysis software extends oscilloscope capability by making jitter measurements over contiguous clock cycles from every valid pulse in a single shot acquisition. Measurements can be made on single-ended or differential inputs, multiple channels and channel-to-channel inputs. Pricing for the TDSJIT3 Jitter Analysis Software is $5,995. Users of TDSJIT 2 can purchase an upgrade for $2,995. TEKTRONIX, Beaverton, OR. (800) 426-2200.


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