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Software Permits Non-Intrusive Recording In Real-Time Systems

RTI Recorder from Real-Time Innovations is a software solution for logging high-throughput data, events, and messages that drive the behavior of distributed real-time applications, such as those used in financial trading, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. The recorded data can be used for future analysis and debugging, regulatory compliance, and testing and simulation purposes.

The software can record about 15,000 messages per second with a message size of up to 256 bytes (measured on a 2-GHz AMD Opteron using a 7200-rpm hard disk with a Serial ATA interface and a 16-Mbyte buffer). RTI Recorder can record any message, event, or data update propagated via RTI Data Distribution Service, the company's solution for high-performance messaging and distributed-data caching. Because RTI takes advantage of multicast communication, messages and data updates do not have to be sent redundantly to be recorded, minimizing intrusiveness.

Multiple instances of RTI Recorder can be run concurrently to enable recording of extraordinarily high data volumes and to support redundant recording of critical data. Users can exercise fine-grain control over which data is recorded by each instance. The software also can be configured to record a subset of each message and data item, reducing storage requirements and increasing throughput. In addition to user data, RTI Recorder can log system data and metadata, such as when applications join or leave a system, which quality-of-service settings each application uses and microsecond-resolution timestamps for each message and data update.


The software costs $24,000, which includes a license to run a single copy on a CPU and one year of maintenance and support. Volume pricing is available. RTI Recorder is available now.


Visit www.rti.com.

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