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Software Plus Modules Support PHS Services

The company's new PIAFS software, used with its Uniporte Architecture Universal Access Modules, supports wireless Personal Handyphone Service (PHS). The software comes in a variety of Uniporte-based hardware platforms. Among these are a palm-sized, 24-port universal access module, 120-port PCI card, and a 168-port Compact PCI card. Uniporte platforms equipped with the PIAFS software implement all the bit-stream frame processing and data link processing functions required to process PHS data calls, one per port, at speeds up to 64 kb/s. Among these are octet alignment, rate adaptation, frame synchronization, deframing, framing, CRC generation, CRC verification, selective reject error correction, and protocol control. Throughputs up to 200 kb/s to 300 kb/s are possible using ITU-T V.42bis compression with PIAFS error correction. In addition to PIAFS data calls, the architecture provides all the core voice and fax-processing functions required to move voice and fax calls between PHS wireless networks and PSTN networks. The Series 800 licensing kit provides OEMs with all the hardware and software documentation needed to integrate the modules into a custom network access system. The kit including PIAFS software is licensed on a per-port basis starting at $18 per port.


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