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Software Probe Delivers Real Time Debugging

For real-time software and hardware debugging chores, the SuperTrace Probe provides users with a 1-GB trace buffer that can capture several hundred-million processor cycles of execution and data trace. The probe allows control of the processor’s trace logic and includes a channel for capturing trace data while the processor is running. Compatible processors include the PowerPC 405/ 440, ARM7 ETM, ARM9 ETM (multi-core and single-core), and ARM10 ETM. In addition, expansion capabilities will accommodate ColdFire processor families and Nexus-compatible devices. The probe also works with all ETM modes, including double-rate at clock speeds greater than 300 MHz. For rapid location of information in the buffer, the application works in conjunction with the company's MULTI integrated development environment. Via a trace GUI, users can create graphical state transition diagrams and search for specific events in the trace log as well as set bookmarks for data location, among other things. Available in October, Supertrace Probe is priced at $9,900. GREEN HILLS SOFTWARE INC., Santa Barbara, CA. (805) 965-6044.


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