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Software Provides Control And Calibration Of Sensor Interfaces

Offered as a setup and test tool for ultrasonic applications, WinSpan software works with the companies ULTRA-S and ULTRA-U sensor families. The application provides full control and calibration of all sensor interfaces, including analog outputs, switches and relays, and serial data communications.
Interface adjustments include distance calibration, analog output ranges, hysteresis, output response to lost targets, and more. All settings are provided via a simple graphical interface supported by standard Windows menu options and help features.
Sensor data can also be logged to a disk file for importing to a spread sheet for evaluation at a later date. Any number of sensorsetups can be stored to disk files, allowing for quick duplication of any installation without the need for readjustment. WinSpan is included in the company's SPAN-S kit for its ULTRA-S sensors and SPAN-U kit for the ULTRA-U family. Both kits also include the company's DOS-based SoftSpan software.

Company: SENIX CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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