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Software Puts E-Mail Into Consumer Wares

Built specifically for consumer electronics OEMs, Spyglass Device Mail 3.1 is a standards-based, embedded e-mail client that requires very little memory and can be easily integrated into existing consumer electronic product lines. Device Mail is based on the same embedded Internet client architecture as Spyglass Device Mosaic, a small-footprint browser for non-PC devices. In such systems, an example of which is a cable set-top box or a television set, memory is at a premium. Device Mail enables OEMs to integrate e-mail functionality, a perennial favorite among Internet applications, across multiple appliances. The client is available as a stand-alone product or as a companion to Device Mosaic. It supports the major Internet messaging standards, SMTP and IMAP4, and can be extended to support POP3. Runtime, customer support and customization work are priced according to license volume and scope of work.

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