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Software Radio PMC Module Packs 16-bit 200-MHz ADCs

Debuting as the only module of its kind employing the ADS5485 a/d converter from Texas Instruments, the Model 7153 digital down converter (DDC), a four-channel, high-speed digitizer PMC module, processes baseband RF or IF signals from a communications receiver. It employs four of the ADS5485 200-MHz, 16-bit monolithic converters in its front end. The ADCs exhibit a signal-to-noise ratio of 75 dBFS and a spurious-free dynamic range of 87 dBc at a 70-MHz input frequency. The Model 7153 DDC offers two modes of operation. The two-channel DDC mode sacrifices two DDC channels to boost the maximum decimation to 65,536 and extend the lower bandwidth limit down to 3 kHz. The four-channel DDC mode provides an independently programmable decimation range from two to 256 on each DDC, covering signal bandwidths from about 700 kHz to 90 MHz. The PMC also features built-in beam forming capabilities including the ability to synchronize multiple channels, perform digital down conversion, control the gain and the phase delay of each channel, and perform a summation of the DDC outputs. Price for the Model 7153 PMC module starts at $12,500 for the hardware. Delivery is 10 to 12 weeks ARO. PENTEK INC., Upper Saddle River, NJ. (201) 818-5900.

Company: PENTEK INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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