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Software Radio PMC Packs 256 DDC Channels

Raising the density bar, the Model 7151 software radio PMC combines four 200-MHz, 16-bit ADCs that feed a proprietary FPGA IP core with 256 channels of digital down conversion (DDC). With independent frequency tuning for each DDC channel, the PMC down converts any signal within any of four digitized, 100-MHz input bands. Arranged in four banks of 64 channels, each bank is configurable for a unique output bandwidth to accommodate applications requiring mixed signal types or multiple modulation schemes. Users can independently source each DDC bank from any one of the ADCs. The front end accepts four +10 dBm, full-scale analog RF or IF inputs on front-panel SMC connectors into 50 Ohms with transformer couplings to the ADCs. Four independently-controllable input multiplexers select one of the four ADCs as the input source for each DDC bank. All channels within a bank share a common decimation setting that can range from 128 to 1,024, programmable in steps of 64. Additionally, each bank can have its own unique decimation setting supporting as many as four different output bandwidths. Price for the Model 7151 PMC module is $14,500. For more details, contact Mario Schiavone at PENTEK INC., Upper Saddle River, NJ. (201) 818-5900, ext. 770.

Company: PENTEK INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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