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Software Solution Helps Developers Enhance Security Of .NET Applications

Independent software developers who need to enhance the security of their products can now add elliptic curve algorithms, including those in Suite B, to Microsoft .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework applications using Certicom's Security Builder API for .NET. The solution can be used with legacy as well as new applications running on multiple Windows platforms. The .NET API also enables access to the FIPS-Validated algorithms that provide TLS and IPsec support.

Suite B is the set of cryptographic algorithms recommended by the National Security Agency to secure classified and unclassified communications. The private sector is also beginning to implement Suite B algorithms in products and services, as Suite B has redefined what is considered industry best practice for cryptographic implementations.

The .NET API is interoperable with Microsoft CAPI and supports all .NET platforms and the new Microsoft CNG architecture. Components built for the .NET Framework can be used easily by any of the more than 20 approved .NET languages, including Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET. This allows software vendors to leverage their investment and reuse existing code. The Certicom solution acts as an abstraction layer to the cryptographic providers within the Certicom Security Architecture—a comprehensive, portable, and modular solution designed to enable developers to quickly and cost-effectively embed security across multiple families and generations of devices.

Security Builder API for .NET is available today. Contact the company for pricing information. To learn more, visit www.certicom.com/apiofor.net.

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