Electronic Design

Software Solution Streamlines Interactive Gateway Design

The StreamEngine software development kit takes advantage of Ubicom's multithreaded IP3023 microprocessor to implement gateways for highly interactive applications like Voice over IP (VoIP).

The StreamEngine software employs a patented stream analysis program to determine the type of traffic flowing between a home or office network and the Internet. It then optimizes the traffic flow so that data from highly interactive applications, such as multiplayer games, has a higher priority than lower-priority applications like e-mail downloads. What results is lag minimization in games and voice applications. It can even improve Web page downloads. Congestion elimination is transparent to applications.

There are two types of traffic-pattern adjustment. First, higher-priority outgoing traffic moves to the front of the line. Second, the software supports dynamic fragmentation, where large outgoing packets are split into many smaller packets. This increases overhead but minimizes the time between packets, so higher-priority packets can be sent sooner. The TCP/IP protocol automatically combines the split packets at the receiving end.

The software handles up to 255 priority queues. Pricing for the kit, which is part of the company's 6.3 software development kit, starts at $10,000 per project.


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