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Software Suite Smooths The Way To Next-Generation Web-Enabled Audio Products

Real-time operating system (RTOS), networking and MP3 software have been bundled together to provide OEMs with the means for rapidly developing a host of new Web-enabled audio products- demand for MP3 audio players is expected to mushroom from 1.5 million units this year to 7.8 million in 2001. The software suite includes Microware’s OS-9 RTOS and Java technologies, Espial Group’s Kalos development tools and Internet Application Suite, and MpegTV LLC's Xaudio MPEG technology. The suite offers a complete software solution to developers of embedded Internet-enabled audio devices. The OS-9’s modular architecture is said to enable the easy implementation of Espial’s Kalos development tools and Internet application suite and Xaudio software for developing devices requiring advanced networking features. Kalos tools include: Kalos Espresso, a lightweight GUI toolkit for embedded Java applications, such as smart phones and set-top boxes; and Kalos Architect, a rapid application development environment. Internet Application suite provides a full-featured Java web browser.


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