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Software Test Tool Eases Migration To TTCN-3

Based on the standardized test language Test and Testing Control Notation-3 (TTCN-3), Tau/Tester 2.0 suits rigorous software testing in the telecommunications, military/aerospace, and automotive industries. By adding TTCN-3 to the existing StarFrec platform, TTCN-3 tests developed with Tau/Tester can perform systems testing for the popular MOST and CAN buses in newly designed vehicles: MOST and CAN. The software includes the Tau Generation2 UML Sequence Diagram editor, which enables test traces to be shown as UML sequence diagrams. Also included is support for testing component interfaces using procedure-based communications (RPC, CORBA). The TTCN to XML generator lets users generate documentation in XML format, and the Module Parameter Editor enables easier configuration of parameterized tests. It supports the creation of generic test suites that can be tailored at execution time for a specific situation. Pricing for the Tau/Tester 2.0 software starts at $6995.

www.telelogic.com; (949) 885-2496

TAGS: Automotive
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