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Solid-State Flash Module Packs Memory Into 144-Pin SO-DIMM

Packaged in a 144-pin small-outline dual-inline memory module (SO-DIMM), the DimmDrive WED7GxxxATA33 solid-state flash disk module provides memory densities from 16 to 768 Mbytes. This single-chip module is based on SanDisk NAND flash technology. It uses 128-, 256-, or 512-Mbit or 1-Gbit memory components to provide the maximum in module density. The DimmDrive utilizes a SanDisk flash chip-set controller, which is designed specifically for use as a flash mass storage controller for the SanDisk memory devices. The 16-Mbyte WED7G016-ATA33 costs $18 each in 1000-unit quantities. Lead time is two to four weeks.

White Electronic Designs Corp.
www.whiteedc.com; (508) 366-5151

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