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Solver Handles What-If Scenarios For Medical And Other Applications

Solver Handles What-If Scenarios For Medical And Other Applications

The Artisan Studio ParaSolver is the latest plug-in to Atego’s Artisan Studio development system that supports UML and SysML model driven architecture (MDA) tools in addition to a range of other programming development tools for C/C++, C#, Ada, SPARK Ada, and Java. The Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) can be used to develop safety-critical programs for embedded application areas ranging from medical to avionics.

ParaSolver addresses UML designs that use SysML definitions and constraints. It can generate tradeoff simulation study results using a range of discrete sets of property value inputs. This allows developers to determine a measures-of-effectiveness (MoEs) of cost, risk, reliability, and performance characteristics based on verifiable design constraints. Designers can then use these results to select or fine-tune the best alternatives. ParaSolver works with other solver tools like like Mathematica, Matlab/Simulink, and OpenModelica. It can use inputs from spreadsheets like Microsoft’s Excel.

Artisan Studio’s UML and SysML provides automatic code generation. Atego also includes synchronization support for code bases that span multiple programming tools including Matlab and Simulink.


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