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Static Analysis Tool Locates Errors In Java Applications

Get it right the first time and cut support costs--that's how Klocwork's inForce for Java helps reduce errors during Java development. The tool scans Java source code for a range of errors, such as resource leaks, null pointers, and synchronization/deadlock errors. This is similar to the scanning performed by the C and C++ versions of inForce.

The method differs from the dynamic/runtime checking that's done by instrumenting code. Such checking can be very time consuming, since program execution time increases due to the additional instrumented code. It also requires a code coverage component to ensure the entire program is checked. Static checking is performed before a program runs. Both approaches are valid ways to reduce errors, but static checking can be completed in much less time.

The latest inForce version is available as a plug-in to the Eclipse development environment. As a result, it works with a wide range of products. Defects that are detected will be included in the Eclipse problem list. The inForce rules and defects can be selectively enabled or disabled on a per-project basis. A standalone version is also available.

The inForce analysis tool is integrated with other Klocwork tools, including inSight Architect, inSpect, and inTellect. These tools work with Java, C, and C++ as well.

Klocwork Inc.

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