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Storage Subsystem Provides All-Digital Front End

Based on an embedded hardware architecture and solid-state SDRAM, the Anvil all-digital front end debuts as the industry’s first storage subsystem capable of addressing the technical challenges of recording real-time sensor signals. Using up to 64 GB of SDRAM, streams can be interleaved to deep memory buffers to ensure sensor data is not lost to irregular transfer rates common to storage media based on hard disk drives. The unit provides four PCI slots to accommodate a variety of sensor input I/O including ADC, serial FPDP, and custom LVDS or fiber links, as well as storage output I/O for Fibre channel, SCSI, or SATA. Additionally, Anvil is also said to be the first storage subsystem to provide effective snapshot data-recording capabilities. Single-unit price is $30,000 with volume discounts available. Micro Memory, Chatsworth, CA. (818) 998-0070.

Company: Micro Memory

Product URL: Click here for more information

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