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Strategic Test's PCI-X Digitizer Cards Reach 200 MSamples/s

\[August 2, 2006\] Based on the company’s UF2 series carrier card, the 2-channel UF-2030 and 4-channel UF-2031 PCI-X digitizer cards have a maximum sampling rate of 100 Msamples/s or 200 Msamples/s in interleave mode. Residing on the cards are multiple 8-bit a/d converters and 64 MB of signal memory. In addition, there’s support for up to 4 GB of RAM via a proprietary DIMM module. Active channels can employ all of the card memory, such that a 4-channel card using two active channels can record for twice the measurement time. The cards employ a PCI-X (66 MHz/32-bit PCI) bus that can continuously transfer data to the host PC at up to 225 MSamples per second. So rather than adding digitizer card memory, the user can transfer signal data to low-cost PC RAM. It is also possible to continuously record for hours to hard disks setup in a RAID configuration at up to 105 Msamples/s. Both digitizers come with drivers for Windows and Linux, plus free driver downloads will be available in the future for additional operating systems, i.e., Windows Vista. Drivers for MATLAB, LabVIEW, VEE, DASYLab, and LabWindows/CVI are available as cost options. Single-unit prices for the UF2-2030 and UF2-2031 are $4,290 and $6,990, respectively. STRATEGIC TEST CORP., Woburn, MA. (866) 898-3278.


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