Electronic Design

SW Tool Increases Visibility Of Source Code

LDRA has launched TBvision to provide code developers the ability to easily see how their source code performs against security vulnerabilities, fault-detection, and adherence to quality standards. The tool incorporates next-generation reporting capabilities that make it very flexible. Users can quickly view results in call graphs, flow graphs, and code review reports.

Using TBvision, software teams can effectively enforce industry or company coding standards, delivering tangible benefits that produced an immediate return on investment. LDRA provides industry standard support for the MISRA-C:1998 and MISRA-C:2004, HIS (Herstellerinitiative Software), GJB (Chinese Military Standard), and the CERT C secure coding standard for the C programming language. The company allows users to enforce many of the known security vulnerabilities identified in the SAMATE Reference Dataset (SRD).

“The advanced reporting measures of TBvision enable users to quickly assess the portability, dependability, testability, maintainability, complexity, and style of code generated by project teams,” noted Ian Hennell, operations director at LDRA. “These measures combine to provide valuable project code metrics to testers, developers, and project managers.”


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