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Synthesize A Custom RTOS

The industry has migrated away from home-grown operating systems and toward off-the-shelf products. But standardization often increases overhead. Zeidman Technologies' SynthOS offers the benefits of a custom operating system while eliminating the maintenance headaches normally associated with solutions developed in-house.

Essentially, SynthOS is a precompiler that examines the source code for operating-system operations and generates appropriate support like semaphores and message queues. It imposes its own "higher-level" interface to handle intratask communication and resource sharing.

The resulting code is then optimized for a particular application. This may mean reducing the number of parametersneeded for a particular interface because the application doesn't require all the options. On the other hand, a conventional operating system would always require the same number of parameters because its core never changes.

SynthOS will work with any C application. It works very well with resourceconstrained environments. It also helps reduce system overhead by optimizing the interaction between tasks and not including unused services. And, the synthesis process can help identify problems such as task deadlock.

SynthOS pricing starts at $20,000 per year for a single machine. SynthOS runs on Windows, Linux, and UNIX.

Zeidman Technologies Inc.

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