Wireless Systems Design

Synthesizers Guarantee 12,000 Hours Of Operation

Engineers are constantly seeking ways to improve their designs. They can now get help from Aeroflex, which has achieved major design improvements with the addition of the 2200 series to its line of fast-switching frequency synthesizers. This series promises a 3X improvement in continuous operation. It is built on a versatile modular platform. Plus, it offers 1-ms switching speed and sub-microsecond-level correction.

The 2200 synthesizer family is specifically designed to save time and money. It eliminates the need for a custom in-house system. These synthesizers are well suited for use in airborne, shipborne, electronic-warfare-simulation, radar upgrades, and other high-performance applications in rugged environments. The family also claims to be ideal for high-speed, microwave-RF applications like radar simulation, radar cross-section measurements, and antenna-pattern measurements.

The 2200 family is built on a Direct Analog Frequency Synthesis modular architecture. As a result, it has no loops to unlock and no vibration-sensitive oscillators. Available now, the 2200 Series synthesizers have a base price of below $70,000 for a 2-GHz system.

Aeroflex, Inc.
35 South Service Rd., P.O. Box 6022, Plainview, NY 11803-0622; (516) 694-6700, FAX: (516) 694-4823, www.aeroflex.com.

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