Electronic Design

Teamwork Yields Secure Server Solutions

LynuxWorks and Themis Computer have teamed up to create multilevel secure servers for military applications. The solution consists of LynuxWorks’ LynxSecure secure separation kernel and embedded hypervisor running on Themis’ CoolShell blade servers. LynxSecure’s highly secure virtualization solution utilizes CoolShell’s hardware-virtualization technology and multiple processor cores to provide what is thought to be one of the most advanced multilevel secure platforms available in military and aerospace systems today. The LynxSecure solution is also available on Themis RES rack mountable, small form factor, and 3U VPX Mission and Payload Systems (MPS). THEMIS COMPUTER, Fremont, CA. (510) 252-0870. LynuxWorks, San José, CA. (800) 255-5969.

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