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Technology Forecast 2012: Digital & Embedded Systems

Technology Forecast 2012: Digital & Embedded Systems

Technology editor Bill Wong thinks the new year will look a lot like 2011 when it comes to multicore processors and storage in the digital arena. As far as embedded development goes, Bill thinks clouds and tablets will drive development.


Clouds, Tablets, And Multicore Designs Will Drive Embedded Development

Embedded developers will need to deal with a wide range of technologies from virtualized platforms on the cloud to MEMS sensor integration in tablets...

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Expect More Mixed Cores, Less Power, And Faster Storage

More cores, more storage, more networking, lower power, 64-bit ARM8, and touchy interfaces. What more could you want?

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Clouds Loom On the 2012 Semiconductor Horizon

Objective Analysis forecasts a 10% decline for semiconductors in 2012, a mild recovery around the middle of 2013, and finally strong growth to follow in 2014...

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HTML5 Will Be The Technology Of Choice For In-Vehicle HMIs

In the auto industry, the advent of the smart phone has changed everything. Will HTML5 be the tool that ties it all together?

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Today’s Consumer Trends Reveal Tomorrow’s Mobile OS Winners

The 2012 mobile marketplace is already looking like a noisy, crowded confluence of stakeholders. It’s hard to understand where to look and what’s important...

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The Memory Wall Is Ending Multicore Scaling

A look at an analysis of 'memory-wall" problems in multi-core systems, with discussion of possible solutions...

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PODCAST: GPUs Push Past Mobile into TVs, Set-Top Boxes and More in 2012

Tony King-Smith shares how the company sees graphics progressing in the marketplace in 2012 and beyond...

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