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Tek Microsystems Improves High-Speed Data Recording

At the 2007 Bus and Board show, Tek Microsystems showed off its JazzStore UWB (ultra wideband) data recording solution, designed for demanding high-speed sensor applications. It can stream analog data at rates up to 2 Gsamples/s (8-bits/sample) to multiple RAID storage arrays. It can also generate 1.6 Gsamples/s at 10-bits/sample.

It was interesting chatting with the Tek Microsystems people about the JazzStore UWB. It seems some applications are pumping so much data that it pushes delays associated with the disks to limit the amount of information that can be stored accurately. This is one reason for using multiple storage arrays. Sufficiently large arrays can store up to 2 hours of data. The 2-slot, VXS-based JazzStore UWB system can handle both recording and playback.

The JazzStore UWB uses Tek Microsystems' Triton 2-GHz ADC/DAC card. This is combined with the Callisto multi-FPGA processing engine. The platform uses six JazzStore SoC cores, providing 12 high-performance data pipes. These pipes drive up to twelve Fibre Channel RAID disk arrays using a FAT 32 file system (see the Figure).

The JazzStore UWB supports a range of trigger modes with a duty cycle up to 80%. Capacity is scalable up to six dual Fibre Channel RAID systems. This currently translates to 24 Terabytes of storage capacity. The system supports VxWorks, Windows and Linux operating systems. For more information, visit Tek Microsystems.

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