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Test System Ensures Airbag Reliability

The Airbag Inflator DC Electrical test system, which includes the Model 2790-A SourceMeter, is claimed as the only commercially available system that combines all sourcing, measurement, and signal routing capabilities for insulation-resistance and conductor-continuity testing. The Model 2790-A expands the system's resistance measurement capabilities to cover a span of 1 M? to 10 G? to accommodate a wider range of airbag system characteristics. Safety features include a hardware source interlock, an automatic output cable capacitance discharge circuit for high-voltage insulation resistance testing, and automatic cold-switching scanner operation. The system consists of a multi-function/ multi-channel datalogger mainframe, populated with application-specific plug-in modules. These modules provide high-voltage insulation resistance testing and low-current, low-resistance measurements. Source and measure modules also contain switching functions for automatic configuration of single- and multi-stage inflator interconnections. Additionally, the modules buffer test sequences in the programmable memory pattern mode and allow parallel high-voltage soaks on multiple single-stage inflators or individual multi-stage devices. Price for the Model 2790-A is $5,495 with other versions starting at $3,995. KEITHLEY INSTRUMENTS INC., Cleveland, OH. (888) 534-8453.


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