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Test Tools Span Entire Embedded Software Development Cycle

Claimed as the industry’s first and only suite of test and analysis tools that can be used through the entire embedded software development cycle, CodeTEST-Native and CodeTEST-SW-In-Ckt are two new versions of the firm’s CodeTEST software test and analysis tools based on instrumentation technology. With common file formats for native, software and hardware test and analysis, the software becomes the basis for a coherent, integrated test methodology. Developers can reuse the same GUI, data file formats and automation scripts throughout the embedded software development process, saving both time and cost.CodeTEST-Native can be used during workstation-based development stages. Code-TEST-SW-In-Ckt can be used once a software target becomes available to conduct early run-time analysis and is available for work done in conjunction with popular embedded RTOS.

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