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TI’s DaVinci Powers Video Transcoders

Media Excel is using the Texas Instruments’ DaVinci technology digital media processor in a new generation of professional video compression appliances. The HERA 4000 line of transcoder products can rapidly encode, transcode, and distribute professional, broadcast-quality video to any device over any network at a much higher speed and lower cost than previous solutions, according to Media Excel.

The hardware solution employs the DaVinci processor in a 1U rack product that is well-suited for broadcasters and cable operators, as well as mobile operators, telcos, Web video aggregators, content delivery networks, and media content production firms. From their inception, the HERA family was designed to be upgradeable to accommodate new features and codec releases. This unique strategy allows customers to enhance their existing solutions with a software upgrade, without the need to purchase additional hardware.

“The professional video market requires a flexible and upgradeable encoding and transcoding solution for ‘broadcast quality’ video with high density and high reliability,” said Thanasis Iatrou, CEO of Media Excel. “The DaVinci processor, combined with our in-house developed software, are the keys to our breakthroughs with the new HERA 4000 transcoding products.” The HERA products will be introduced this week at the NAB conference in Las Vegas.

Media Excel

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