Richland Technologiesrsquo ORCCA avionics computer

Richland Technologies’ ORCCA avionics computer

Time-Variant Unified-Multiprocessing RTOS Supports Multicore ARM

Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY-178 tuMP real-time operating system (RTOS) enhances the flexibility of multicore ARM processors used to build safety- and security-critical systems. The tuMP—time-variant unified multiprocessing—architecture is referred to as “unified” in that a common OS controls the scheduling of all cores and overall communications between applications. It retains all AMP and SMP scheduling capabilities while resolving their limitations. INTEGRITY-178 tuMP for ARM also supports the ARINC-653 (Part 1 supplement 3 and Part 2 supplement 2) interfaces and OS capabilities needed for alignment with the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) V2.0 Technical Standard. In addition, the company supplies Level A certification evidence for systems requiring compliance to RTCA/DO-178B/C. In a related development, Green Hills’ partner Richland Technologies announced what it claims is the first Open Standard Reconfigurable and Certifiable Computing Architecture (ORCCA) avionics computer based on a Cortex-A9 ARM processor and INTEGRITY-178 tumP.



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