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Tiny Fieldbus Interface Module Combines Analog, Digital Functions

The AnyBus Hybrid IC module from HMS Industrial Networks is designed for DeviceNet, Profibus, and Ethernet connectivity. It includes the most popular interface functions in a package that's five times smaller and half as expensive as its predecessor. Measuring 42 by 21 by 12 mm, this 32-pin dual-inline footprint integrates all analog and digital functions.

Designed for integration into slave applications, the module includes a 16-bit processor. Its flash and RAM handle the entire Fieldbus protocol independently of the application running the AnyBus IC. Also, it features a maximum of 32 bytes of I/O data. The interface between the product and the application is either asynchronous (connected directly to the application processor) or synchronous (connected via shift registers to the application).

The AnyBus suits simple devices such as sensors and actuators as well as intelligent devices that have separate microcontrollers. All the technology needed for optocouplers, dc-dc converters, and other Fieldbus applications are included within the IC.

The AnyBus Hybrid IC costs between $80 and $100 in small quantities. It will be available in late July or early August.

HMS Industrial Networks Inc., 1925 N. Clybourn, Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60614; (888) 826-9287; fax (773) 404-1797;

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