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Tiny GPS Receiver Module Melds Low Power, High Sensitivity

As the company’s smallest GPS module, the Jupiter3 ultra-small GPS receiver module is the basis of its next generation of GPS receiver solutions. The module is based on SiRF’s GSC3f/LPx chipset and offers low power consumption (11.5 mA ATP) and high sensitivity (-159 dBm) for vehicle, object and even personal positioning products. Key to the versatility of the Jupiter3 is its support for existing voltage regulation, supervisory circuit and real-time clock functions on products in which it is incorporated. Such support economizes on space and cost, leaving the Jupiter3 to provide essential GPS components such as a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO); low-noise amplifier (LNA), for better use of an existing device antenna; and a surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter, ensuring that exact frequencies are being used. The Jupiter3 is a 20-channel receiver offering 200,000 effective correlators for maximum GPS accuracy in both aided and autonomous modes. At just 11 x 11 x 2.2 mm, its small form factor is suitable for even the smallest consumer or commercial devices. NAVMAN WIRELESS OEM SOLUTIONS, Foothill Ranch, CA. (949) 461-7150.


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