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Tiny Remote Data Acquisition Card Has Telephone Line Interface

Remote data transfer over telephone lines by systems such as point-of-sale terminals, vending machines, remote monitoring equipment, and utility metering units is the forte of a new module. Incorporating a Data Access Arrangement (DAA), V.22bis data pump and a microcontroller, the CPC2400 Data Transfer Module is designed to deliver full 2400-baud telephone interface functionality on a tiny, 1.0" x 2.3" pc card that can be soldered or socketed to a system's microprocessor. The module is UL approved and FCC Part 68 registered, with the latter enabling manufacturers to transfer the registration number to any equipment they build using the CPC2400, so no additional FCC Part 68 submittal is required. Because the module does not require a standard modem handshake, it can establish a connection almost instantaneously, reportedly making it the fastest method of data transfer for small files containing limited amounts of data. The CPC2400 supports a standard serial V.24 TTL interface to the DTE equipment, operates off of a 5V supply, and has a 0°C to 70°C operating temperature range.

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