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Tools Said To Easily Verify Mixed-Signal Circuits

A large portion of the mixed-signal simulation process that previously required a custom simulation approach for every design is said to be automated though the use of firm's Mixed-Signal ASIC Solution (MSAS), which consists of a Spice-level analysis tool, simulation benches, behavioral libraries and other tools and extends Cadence Design System's simulation backplane. MSAS provides an easy path to verification by allowing an engineer with knowledge of Verilog to run a thorough front-to-back simulation of a mixed-signal design. The digital simulations are done with Verilog, the analog simulations are done with either Specre or Verilog-A, depending on whether Spice-level simulations or behavioral-level simulations are specified. The result is simulations that run faster and circuitry is tested more thoroughly, its' claimed. The MSAS tools fit seamlessly into Cadence's EDA environment to allow mixed-signal designers to enhance their capabilities and focus on the design issues at hand.

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