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Tools Work With Design Solutions To Slash Time-To-Market

Online designs for digital cameras, PDAs, game consoles, barcode scanners, and a raft of other electronic products have been teamed up with design tools to significantly accelerate the time-to-market for these products. The online designs, found at //, and the free design tool set, called Webench, have been developed to enable OEMs to visualize the complete layout of products, do interactive online work to finalize the product design, and then prototype and test the product. The Solutions interactive environment features color-coded block diagrams organized into major market categories—automotive, communications, industrial, etc. And by using a graphical navigation guide to access the product solutions, engineers can put together a list of recom- mended ICs for the design, perform thermal and electrical simulations online using Webench, and order samples of the design's components. A new version of the tool set, Webench 4.0, features solutions for the company's line of switching regulators tailored for use in high-voltage power supply designs. Improvements cited for Webench 4.0 include more accurate simulation capabilities, use of SPICE simulation models, and multilingual copies of the tool set. For more details, contact Phil Gibson at NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., Santa Clara, CA. (408) 721-6816.


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