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Toolset For Philips MCU Packs Optimized Compiler

A development toolset for Philips's 16-bit XA-S3 MCU is available in Tasking's Embedded Development Environment (EDE). The environment includes an optimized C++/EC++ compiler and the company's CrossView Pro debugger with support for two execution backends: an instruction-set simulator and ROM monitor. The XA MCU family is a 16-bit extension of Philips's 80C51 family of 8-bit MCUs. The new MCUs support multi-tasking OSs and high-level languages, such as C. Tasking has optimized its compiler for the XA-S3 MCU. Additional features include a GUI and a minimum of 25 code optimizations supported by the compiler. Four XA memory models are supported: tiny, small, medium and large. Platforms include Windows 95/NT, Sun Solaris and HP/UX.


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