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Toshiba High Def Camera Outfits Advanced DVR For NASA

Toshiba Imaging’s miniature, high definition IK-HR1S camera has become the centerpiece of Grande Vitesse Systems’ ruggedized, digital video recording system for NASA, the GVS9000 2XU. The system combines single video channels, Fibre Channel, and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity with the 3CCD Toshiba high definition camera with DVI output to capture uncompressed HD footage at 1080p/60 fps and provide simultaneous playback in both compressed and uncompressed formats. Uncompressed video content is recorded directly to a local drive, also designed by Grande Vitesse Systems.  The GVS9000 2XU VTR devices with built-in storage allow NASA to access the content (even single frames or select scenes) via Gbit and Fibre, at over 4 Gb/s, which accommodates 1080p/60 video quality as well as 2k and 4k uncompressed recording with no loss in image quality. For more information, contact Gary Pitre at Toshiba Imaging Systems Division, Irvine, CA. (810) 357-5022 or [email protected]

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