Electronic Design

Touch Panel Computer Is Quite Versatile

Promoted as a HMI viable for use in numerous applications including amusement/arcade center management systems, medical, manufacturing, and process control systems, the open-frame PL-80270 touch-panel computer provides graphics-based visualization of specialized computer processes. These include programmable automation controllers, programmable logic controllers, and distributed control system. Features include a fanless design, a 4.3” touch panel, 7816 smart card reader, one simple RS-232 and two full RS-232 interfaces, two photo-couple inputs, two dry contact relay outputs, five GPIO lines, and watchdog timer support. The unit includes Windows CE 6.0 installed on the flash ROM. Cost for PL-80270 begins at $112 each/20. WIN ENTERPRISES INC., N. Andover, MA. (978) 688-2000.

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