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Tundra Touts Serial RapidIO

Tundra was primarily talking up Serial RapidIO at the Bus and Board show, although there were some additional announcements like the price cut (down to $185) of Tundra's popular Tsi148 PCI/X-to-VME Bridge chip. It supports 2eSST transactions that speed up the bus by a factor of 8.

Tundra also discussed the transfer of RioLab to Fabric Embedded Tools (FET), a leading provider of RapidIO software and tools provider. RioLab is the RapidIO interoperability testing facility that provides device interoperability and specification compliance reports. It has been key to the advancement of Serial RapidIO.

Recently (after Bus and Board) Tundra announced the Tsi110 PowerPC host bridge chip designed for the IBM PPC 750xx and Freescale MPC74xx families. It incorporates a 333-MHz DDR2 memory controller with direct connection to DIMMs, so no external components are required; it also sports a pair of Gigabit Ethernet controllers and a 133-MHz PCI-X interface. The chip has a programmable interrupt controller, four DMA channels, two UARTs, an I2C interface, an HLP interface for flash devices, and a 16-bit parallel port. This fits into a 1023-pin, 33- by 33-mm FCBGA package.

For more details, check out Fabric Embedded Tools, RioLab, and Tundra.

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