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Tx/Rx Modules Ease Remote Control System Design

Tx/Rx Modules Ease Remote Control System Design

Via integrated encoders/decoders, the CXT and CXR transmitter/receiver family provides a complete remote-control switch function in a module format. Supporting data rates up to 5 kb/s, the modules provide 32-frequency channel operation (12.5KHz or 25 kHz channels) in any of the 173.200 MHz to 173.325 MHz (UK), 150.825 MHz to 152.450 MHz (Australia), 433.875 MHz to 434.650 MHz (EU), or 458.525 MHz to 459.1 MHz (UK) frequency bands. The CXR receiver has a better than -118 dBm usable calling sensitivity while drawing 20 mA from a 3.1V to15V rail. The matching CXT transmitter is available in 10 mW (35 mA from 3.1V to 15V) or 100 mW (95 mA from 4.1V to 15V) versions depending on specific band regulations. The CXT and CXR come in shielded housings measuring 33 mm x 23 mm x 9 mm and 46 mm x 23 mm x 9 mm, respectively, with pins for PCB mounting. For more details, call RADIOMETRIX LTD., Middlesex, England. +44 (0) 20 8909 9595.


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