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Universal Device Programmer Eases Computer Servicing

Computers and other electronic equipment containing memory ICs can be tested, serviced, repaired, programmed or re-programmed with the Model 866 Universal Device Programmer. It communicates through a standard parallel printer port or a USB port (USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 compatible). Interfacing to just about any IC, the unit can mate with PLCC, SOIC, TSOP, DIP, TFQP, PSOP and QFP package types through socket adapters. It is designed to interface with laptop computers not equipped with a parallel printer port. Only vendor approved Windows-based software is used to ensure successful programming. Libraries updated to reflect the latest technology are accessible from the company’s Web site. Memory types that can be programmed include EPROM, EEPROM/Flash, Serial EPROM, Microcontrollers, PLD and BPROM. The instrument comes with a 48-pin ZIF socket that eliminates the need for an adapter for any DIP device up to 48 pins. Other adapters are available. Price is $995. B&K PRECISION CORP., Yorba Linda, CA. (714) 921-9095.


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