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Updated Ada IDE Enhanced Developer Productivity

Version 4.0 of the GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) 4.0, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that accompanies the GNAT Pro Ada language development toolset, enhances productivity through a series of new features. The completely updated IDE now includes on-the-fly code completion. This function understands the details of Ada language semantics, enabling automatic program completion, in order to maximize efficiency and cut development time. The new remote programming function lets developers take advantage of the power and graphical capabilities of their PCs, allowing them to work without creating bottlenecks on servers. Also, improved version control in GPS 4.0 enables better management of large and complex projects, particularly across multi-member development teams.

Additionally, the user interface has been extensively updated to provide a modern look and feel that ensures that GPS remains easy to use. Finally, extended support for new platforms, such as x86-64 Linux and PPC AIX, further increase the range and usefulness of the IDE. As with all GNAT Pro components, GPS is distributed with full source code. AVAILABILITY

GPS 4.0 is available now to GNAT Pro customers on selected platforms. It is included with the GNAT Pro Ada Development Environment.


Prices for GNAT Pro Ada subscriptions start at $14,000.


Visit www.adacore.com

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