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Updated Modeling Tools Wrangle With Larger Projects

Matlab 7 and Simulink 6 represent major upgrades to the Mathworks' flagship model-based design products. Matlab 7's compiler supports the full Matlab language. It also can generate standalone applications and COM objects for integration with other applications. Simulink 6 includes new analysis tools for visualization and simulation.

Matlab 7's MLint performs like a C/C++ lint syntax checker. Also, it's easier to access the code profiler with Matlab 7's updated user interface. New integer and single precision support provides access to a wider range of external data sets.

Matlab and Simulink can now handle applications in the gigabyte range. Matlab's ability to run subsections of code comes in handy when working on part of a very large project. It's now possible to rewind and re-execute subsections during development. Such a capability represents a power debugging technique. Simulink's new test-case generation also streamlines diagnostic chores. Probe and debugging tools round out the Simulink environment.

Single-user pricing starts at $1900 for Matlab and $2800 for Simulink.

The Mathworks

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