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Upgraded Eclipse IDE Boosts Developers’ Productivity

The latest release of Genuitec LLC’s MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench, version 5.5, is an expansion of the company’s Fusion Technology platform. The updated integrated development environment (IDE) includes a ready-to-run stack, customizable how-to applications, a popular tool expansion pack, and workspace-free Simple Non-integrated APplications (SNAPs). The enhanced “MyEclipse Experience” increases developers’ productivity with tool portability and a full out-of-the box solution, while still maintaining developer control over the environment’s setup. The SNAPs let users access their favorite tools anytime and anywhere without environment or lock-in restrictions.

Also notable in the 5.5 release is the MyEclipse Expansion Pack, which consists of 10 of the most popular add-on tools for Java developers. These tools have been tested and endorsed by the MyEclipse R&D labs and will provide developers with additional options, including code-quality, life-cycle management, reporting, and performance-analysis tools, among others. MyEclipse 5.5 Enterprise Workbench with SNAPs is available now. The Standard Edition annual subscription costs $29.95, and the Professional Edition annual subscription is $49.95. Subscriptions include unlimited access to Genuitec’s direct-response online support. For more information, go to www.genuitec.com.

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