USB 2.0 Module Offers GPS Capability

USB 2.0 Module Offers GPS Capability

The FT-X-GPS from FTDI Chip merges the company’s advanced USB technology with global positioning system capability. As a result, precision positioning data can be derived by connecting the module via the USB port, enabling location-based services and applications on a computing platform. The module, based on the company’s FT230XQ USB-to-UART bridge IC, runs off a 5-V supply from a USB A port. It supports USB2.0 full-speed operation, handling data rate up to 3 Mbits/s. A built-in location-sensing mechanism outputs data in a NMEA0183 v.3.01 format, which allows for pinpoint accuracy. The data then can be incorporated into various software applications on the computing platform. The thumb-drive-format module measure 60.3 by 20.3 by 12.3 mm, and includes an LED to indicate operational use. Operating temperature ranges from −40 to 85°C. Sensitivity drops to as low as −163 dBm.


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