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USB 2.0 Module Replaces DB-9 Connectors

USB 2.0 Module Replaces DB-9 Connectors

The DB9-USB-RS232 modules are designed to replace a DB-9 based RS-232 connector on existing boards with a USB 2.0 interface. The modules feature a standard USB mini-B type connector in a module that fits the PCB footprint of a standard 9-pin DB-9 connector. Additionally, the modules are designed to provide a fast and simple method for replacing the DB-9 RS-232 interface with USB 2.0 connectivity without the need to change an existing PCB design. Single-unit pricing for DB9-USB-M (male connector version) and DB9-USB-F (female connector version) starts at $22.04. FUTURE TECHNOLOGY DEVICES INTERNATIONAL LTD. (USA), Hillsboro, OR. (503) 547-0988.


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