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USB-Based Modem Chip Pares PC Bus Size

The cost and size of desktop PCs can be considerably reduced using the SV92U2 internal modem chip from Agere Systems. This USB-based modem chip set, which is smaller than a die, makes it possible to reduce desktop PC bus sizes by up to 80% by eliminating the need for PCI-based modems.

Agere offers three USB modem alternatives. The first is to configure the SV92U2 as an internal modem, allowing for a direct replacement of the PCI modem. The second alternative features an external USB dongle modem for applications that offer the modem as an option. The third alternative consists of a USB modem, delivered on a half-minicard form-factor size, for PCs that house the minicard architecture.

The SV92U2 is available now. Contact Agere for pricing details.

Agere Systems

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